Wednesday, July 03, 2002

9 fucking hours at work. was only meant to be till 5 - but then the little bitch didn't show for her shift.. :@ ..and then dave wouldn't let me ask Brigid to do the shift, so i worked from 12 - 9 just to please him - and what do i get in return...?! 3 HOURS OF BEING IGNORED COS I DIDN"T SERVE ONE LITTLE CUSTOMER !!!!!!! GRRRRRRRR
Not what i needed after doing a fucking lunch-shift, which ALWAYS turn out BAD!!!
On a better note... i got to have Laser Accupuncture today... that was quite exciting ;)'s meant to get rid of my rashes & stuff... it better for $90! - but at least it was fun.. ;)
Now i have to take drops that taste like vodka.. :| ...garlic tablets, & fish oil tablets - after you take it you can burp & taste fish - so so so so so groooooooooossssssss!!! *yuk yuk yuk* (kinda reminds me of the fish i got at the bennetts rd rish & chip shop... ewwww)
Anyways... i get to have lunch with my *angel* tomorrow.. (my angel being Fi) ...i can't wait... :D:D:D
Night night :)

Tuesday, July 02, 2002

Evening people :)
How are we all tonight???
Today I got to spend the entiiiire day with Dave :) hehehe... not that we did much... just caught up on some good-old daytime television ;D usual we just sat around... but hey... at least i got 1 & a 1/2 LARGE Creme Brulee's on the way home... hehe :D YUUUUUM... really feel like one of them now...
How sick am i of Big Brother?!?! least in the first round the housemates didn't know how big it was or anything on the outside... but this time round they're all DICKHEADS with huge heads... :@ wankers wankers wankers.
I think i'll be off to bed now... gotta get up early for a doc's appointment... then work at 12 :'(
Byeeee (K)

Monday, July 01, 2002

Hello peoples & welcome to my journal :)
...seeing though i don't have a whole lot of time to talk to everyone & catch up with everyone all the time, i thought i would start writing in here so that i can fill people in on what's been happening with me.. & then you can email me with all the juicy goss you have ;)
Anyways... this is post is just to get it all started... so i'll write more later :)
Ta taaaa :)